Born in Southern Utah, Raised in Southern Nevada through childhood and most of my teens...
do to my type of work and my dads desire for travel I inherited , I became somewhat of a gypsy my adult life.

Doing things from making music, to rodeo, construction, photo business to motorcycles(street and dirt), shortened military career do to injuries(GO ARMY!) the list goes on. 

I have always had a knack for art and a passion for tattoos!! Not so much to give them as a lot of my friends have tried to persuade me to do for years. Lol (sorry guys!)
Finally being consumed by the art of tattooing in my early 30's soon turned into a obsession that a few years later I moved to Utah bringing the Vicious Ink name with me, the rest is history.

I enjoy Black and Gray to color photo realism(portraits etc. ) as well as dark demented and abstract Bio style!
(plus going back to my traditional roots later as well)

Look forward to hearing from you!