When drawing and painting is the only thing you can remember doing as a child and young teenager, it seems like a rational decision to strive to make a living by doing that as well.
After working numerous odd jobs, the idea of being able to put tattoos on people and interact with someone on a level they would literally, never forget, was too exciting to pass up. So 5 years ago he got an apprenticeship and while working a part time job to pay bills, and attending college at the time he tackled the challenge.

     Since the chaos of getting into the tattoo business, Ryan has built a solid clientele and has become part owner of Vicious Ink, now the first and only, established professional body art facility in South Ogden City. He still Finds time do work on paintings in all mediums from oil to watercolor and sells originals and prints of his work outside of the shop at gallery exhibits and personal exchange.

     Much like any other form of art, tattooing offers a vast expanse of different ways to create and work a piece. This alone makes everyday a new experience. Ryan welcomes all ideas and challenges, and is willing to work with any client on a personal level to make sure the finished product that they take home is exactly what they wanted, if not better. Check out the work and decide for yourselves. Cheers to all.

Feel free to give a call to 801-675-5740 to set up a consultation or appointment time.